Quick Look

AMK LAN-0334
Mid Tower ATX

The Good


+ Side panel access
+ Lots of cooling

The Bad

- Poor construction quality all around
- Sharp edges
- Loud

Based out of British Columbia, Canada, AMK Services is actually a PC reseller, not a case manufacturer as you might guess since we are reviewing "their" case today. What they do, however, is take cases from other manufacturers and add their own set of customizations to enhance the case. Their target audience is the overclockers out there, as evidenced by the focus on cooling in their enhancements.

AnandTech's first look at an AMK custom case is the LAN-0334 mid tower. The "LAN" part of the name comes from the fact that it is designed to be taken to LAN parties. The "0334" refers to the fan configuration, which will be discussed later. You can get other fan configurations on the same basic LAN case from AMK as well.

While we were unable to determine exactly who actually manufactures the LAN-0334, our best educated guess is Avance Technologies. The design of the case has a number of similarities to the Avance 8B04 Mini Tower we looked at a few months back.

It should be noted that AMK formerly used a case from a different manufacturer for the LAN-0334. They went with the new case to get an additional external 5.25" drive bay.

Let's see how AMK fares in the competitive ATX case market...


Form Factor ATX Mid Tower
Drive Bays

4 external 5.25"
2 external 3.5"
3 internal 3.5"


Power supply exhaust fan
3.25" exhaust fan below PSU
3.25" exhaust fan "blow hole"

3.25" mm intake fan in front

4.75" exhaust fan in side panel

Other Features Removable motherboard tray
Zip ties included
Carrying handle (optional)

17.5 x 7.75 x 16.5 inches
444.5 x 196.85 x 419.1 mm

Power Supply

Sunny Technologies ATX-250
250W (300W optional)


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