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Lian Li PC-9300 Aluminum

The Good

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+ 1.0mm Aluminum Chassis
+ Blue LED's
+ Front Panel USB
+ Thumbscrews galore
+ Carbon Fiber inserts
+ Manual Fan Control
+ Small Form Factor

The Bad

- Small Form Factor
- Expensive
- Hard to Remove Tray
- Few (4) Drive Bays
- Hard to Remove Cover
- Some Sharp Edges

Ever since their explosion onto the PC case market, Lian Li has made a name for themselves as a top of the line, "accept nothing less" brand name.  Three years ago, they were one of the pioneers to bring aluminum cases to the US.  Since then we have seen many companies follow suit to bring similarly designed cases to Western markets including Kingwin and Directron.

To distinguish themselves not only as a market leader in the aluminum PC case market, but also an innovator, Lian Li has switched things up a bit with their new case design, the PC-9300.  As Shuttle (with the help of AMS) continues to dominate the very small form factor market virtually uncontested, the market has been eager to see another small PC case offering.


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