Quick Look

Kingwin 436-WM Aluminum

The Good

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+ 1.0mm Aluminum Chasis
+ Stylish
+ Tons of modifications
+ Front Panel USB and Firewire
+ Front Panel Line In/Out
+ Thumbscrews galore
+ Removable motherboard tray
+ Mod Dream!

The Bad

- Expensive
- Acrylic damages easily
- Non-matching detailing

Kingwin has recently been making some waves in the case industry with the success of its KT-436 case.  The striking Lian Li resemblance and relatively low price have turned a few heads in the case community.  Why has this case become so popular suddenly?

A few weeks ago we took a look at a case based on the Chenming Tower design, the ThermalTake A6000B.  This week we are taking a look at the Kingwin 436-WM model case, which happens to be Kingwin’s first attempt at a case and mod hardware.

Since PC modifications are usually fairly expensive, the KT-436-WM aims to appeal to consumers who want a very attractive case but don’t want to do the work or spend additional aftermarket cash.  Features aside, we will also be taking a good look at the performance of this highly modified case to see if the 436-WM is really about more than just good looks.



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