Lenovo has announced today that it will bring NEC computers back to the US market this spring. NEC’s PCs have always stood out from the crowd, but they disappeared from the US at the turn of the decade due to cut-throat competition and thin margins. Lenovo, which gained control of NEC’s Japanese PC business in 2011 – 2016, wants to offer three NEC LaVie machines in the United States. The NEC LaVie systems in question are NEC's popular LaVie Pro Mobile thin-and-light notebook, the LaVie Vega higher-performance laptop with a 15.6-inch OLED display, and the LaVie Home all-in-one desktop. In French, ‘la vie’ means ‘life’, so we are talking about lifestyle computers which will target markets that are not currently addressed by Lenovo’s Idea-branded PC...

NEC 2018 LaVie Note Mobile: Fanless 12.5” Core i7 with 12hr Battery, Under 2 Lbs

This month, NEC has introduced its first 2018 LaVie notebook: The LaVie Note Mobile. The LaVie line is known due to its design philosophy of being lightweight: when we...

32 by Anton Shilov on 1/29/2018

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