DirectX 12

As part of this week’s Microsoft Ignite developers conference, Microsoft’s DirectX team has published a few blog posts offering updates on the state of various game development-related projects. The biggest and most interesting of these is an update on DirectStorage, Microsoft’s API for enabling faster game asset loading. In short, the long-awaited 1.1 update, which adds support for GPU asset decompression, is finally on its way, with Microsoft intending to release the API to developers by the end of this year.

DirectX 12 Performance Preview, Part 3: Star Swarm & Intel's iGPUs

We’re back once again for the 3rd and likely final part to our evolving series previewing the performance of DirectX 12. After taking an initial look at discrete GPUs...

69 by Ryan Smith, Ian Cutress & Ganesh T S on 2/26/2015

Star Swarm, DirectX 12 AMD APU Performance Preview

After several requests and a week’s break from our initial DirectX 12 article, we’re back again with an investigation into Star Swarm DirectX 12 performance scaling on AMD APUs...

152 by Ryan Smith & Ian Cutress on 2/13/2015

The DirectX 12 Performance Preview: AMD, NVIDIA, & Star Swarm

With the various pieces of Microsoft’s latest API finally coming together, today we will be taking our first look at the performance of the future with DirectX 12. The...

245 by Ryan Smith on 2/6/2015

AMD Announces Carrizo and Carrizo-L, Next Gen APUs for H1 2015

Today AMD is announcing the long anticipated upgrade to Kaveri, codenamed Carrizo. Carrizo is the natural successor to Kaveri, featuring x86 ‘Excavator’ cores alongside a Radeon-class GPU and promising...

94 by Ian Cutress on 11/20/2014

Microsoft Details Direct3D 11.3 & 12 New Rendering Features

Back at GDC 2014 in March, Microsoft and its hardware partners first announced the next full iteration of the Direct3D API. Now on to version 12, this latest version...

24 by Ryan Smith on 9/18/2014

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