We've been talking about 802.11ac a lot lately, and today Broadcom is announcing a new family of SoCs with greater integration and performance specifically tailored to 802.11ac SMB and home networks. If you haven't heard of or read our existing 802.11ac coverage, the super quick primer is that 802.11ac is a 5 GHz specific successor to 802.11n that brings higher throughput by increasing channel bandwidth to 80 MHz (with an option for 160 MHz), bringing higher order modulation (256QAM), increasing the number of available spatial streams (up to 8), and adding multi-user MIMO plus beamforming. The news out of Broadcom today is the announcement of two new SoCs which are closely related - the StrataGX BCM5301x for SMB applications, and BCM4708x for home and home...

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