Rosewill is a familiar name here at AnandTech. It's Newegg's in-house brand, through which they sell products such as notebook accessories, peripheral equipment, cases and power supplies. Their stated goal is to "bring quality hardware and affordable prices together". In most cases they really care about the pricing, but today we will review one of their more expensive high-class offerings. Not long ago we tested their Gold PSUs, which also belong to this classification; the new products go one step further. The Fortress series from Rosewill has four different versions, all with 80 Plus Platinum certification and non-modular cables. We'll be focusing on the 450W model in this article as this rating is interesting for the largest number of potential buyers. Japanese capacitors and a...

350-450W Roundup: 11 Cheap PSUs

Today we're looking at some inexpensive ATX power supplies with a low output power. In most cases there is no need for a 1KW power supply when 350W to...

67 by Martin Kaffei on 7/3/2012

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