be quiet! had two new products to show in its suite at Computex. The first one is Silent Base 600, which is a smaller and more affordable version of the Silent Base 800 that was first showed at last year's Computex. Typical to be quiet! brand, the company focused on building a quiet case, yet still offering excellent cooling performance. be quiet! will be offering models with and without the side window, and the case comes with two pre-installed Pure Wings 2 fans (140mm in the front and 120mm in the back) with support for up to seven fans (six in the windowed model). GPUs and CPU coolers of up to 400mm and 170mm are supported respectively and the Silent Base 600 will be available in September in three colors (orange, black & silver) with MSRPs of $100 (no window) and $115 (with side window).

The other new product be quiet! showcased is the third generation SilentWings fan. be quiet! modified the shape of the blades to produce higher airflow without increasing the noise level and SilentWings 3 is also the only consumer-oriented fan with a 6-pole motor. Both PWM and non-PWM models will be available in October with the Euro MSRPs being about 20€. 

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  • meacupla - Thursday, June 11, 2015 - link

    I don't have a degree in hydrodynamics, but I never understood how, on fans, you can increase airflow without adding noise, decreasing static pressure, changing airflow pattern, or flat out lying about the specs.
  • close - Thursday, June 11, 2015 - link

    The noise comes mostly from the blades and airflow, not the motor. So changing blade shape can reduce noise. Some changes are inspired by nature, like trying to imitate the leading edge of an owl's wing (extremely silent in flight) when designing the blade edges.
    The blade shape can make or break a fan, and there's where you squeeze out the most efficiency or perfoirmance. Just look at any other place fans are used like planes or helicopters.
  • djc208 - Thursday, June 11, 2015 - link

    Because there are way more variables in there than just those. It looks like going to the 6-pole motor allows for a slower max speed, which probably means higher torque ratings. So you design the fan to run slower, but with a blade that is designed to push more air per revolution.
    That doesn't mean they push more air than a faster, louder design, just that they push more air than the previous version without being any louder.

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