03:34AM EDT - That's a wrap!

03:34AM EDT - 10mm AIO as well

03:13AM EDT - Panther Mountain reference design

03:12AM EDT - 8mm thick reference design with 4K display, Type-C

03:12AM EDT - That's Skylake

03:12AM EDT - Now talking 6th Gen Core

03:11AM EDT - 14hr battery life with Atom x5

03:10AM EDT - Transformer Book T100HA

03:10AM EDT - 'The clutch design is the only one my wife is allowed to carry!"

03:09AM EDT - which I learned yesterday is a PIxelworks design

03:09AM EDT - Using Tru2Life technology

03:09AM EDT - also ZenClutch

03:08AM EDT - 'Luxury and stylish'

03:08AM EDT - ZenPad S 8.0 with Atom x3

03:08AM EDT - Bringing two of the Zen products from yesterday's ASUS press event

03:07AM EDT - "In the last few years, we have collaborated on a large number of projects"

03:07AM EDT - Jonney Shih from ASUS on stage

03:05AM EDT - Now mobility

03:05AM EDT - 4 years of notebook development

03:04AM EDT - 2-in-1 sales up 75% YoY

03:03AM EDT - Driving 2-in-1s down in price

03:02AM EDT - 2017 will have a Compute Stick with 70 GFlops

03:01AM EDT - Now Form Factors

03:00AM EDT - USB Type-C, built in 10 GbE

03:00AM EDT - Thunderbolt 3, 40 Gbps

03:00AM EDT - Talking about IO

02:57AM EDT - designed to be rugged

02:56AM EDT - speakers

02:56AM EDT - quad spakers

02:56AM EDT - Predator 8-inch using Atom x7 for gaming

02:54AM EDT - Acer Predator range

02:54AM EDT - Acer on stage

02:53AM EDT - Makes OEMs excited to build PCs with purpose

02:53AM EDT - Announcing IEM will be back in Taiwan

02:53AM EDT - Video on eSports

02:51AM EDT - Bringing Xbox titles to PC

02:51AM EDT - Iris Pro P6300

02:51AM EDT - 16GB of addressable video memory

02:50AM EDT - Also announcing Xeon E3-1200 v4

02:50AM EDT - Iris Pro and below fits in 80% of computing solutions

02:50AM EDT - Integrating Iris Pro in regular laptops

02:49AM EDT - we saw one or two with Haswell Iris Pro

02:49AM EDT - which means more Xeons with Iris Pro

02:49AM EDT - Moving 5th Gen and Iris Pro into ECC mem

02:48AM EDT - 10 new processors

02:48AM EDT - Now announcing 5th Gen Core with Iris Pro

02:47AM EDT - Wasn't 30 FPS, seemed like it was using interpolation

02:47AM EDT - with a 6-camera selfie stick

02:47AM EDT - Showing 4K 360-degree video

02:45AM EDT - Now performance

02:45AM EDT - applications like autonomous driving

02:45AM EDT - Part of Intel's growth plan

02:45AM EDT - Talking about the Altera acquisition

02:44AM EDT - Such as LTE and WiGig

02:44AM EDT - Also radio technology

02:44AM EDT - From Curie to Xeon

02:43AM EDT - Now onto Leadership Platforms

02:43AM EDT - Now onto Leadership Platformw

02:43AM EDT - Back by popular demand, Small Business Advantage 4.0

02:41AM EDT - Deployed in 300 meeting rooms already in pilots

02:41AM EDT - On select mini-PCs with vPro

02:40AM EDT - all secured

02:40AM EDT - share multiple screens at once

02:40AM EDT - Sharing the screen between all meeting participants, even other side of the world

02:39AM EDT - Transitioning current meeting rooms into modern workplaces

02:39AM EDT - Announcing Intel Unite

02:39AM EDT - In meetings, Intel found the most time wasted was trying to get projectors to work with wires

02:38AM EDT - Used to have to compromise between heavy devices for work and light for home, now can get the best of both

02:38AM EDT - Secure computing is required

02:37AM EDT - Now for workplace transformation

02:37AM EDT - Even put wireless charging in reference designs for Atom x3 devices

02:37AM EDT - A cover with all three wireless charging designed into it

02:36AM EDT - Charge coil to make accessories

02:36AM EDT - Starting with 5W solution, moving into 10W and 20W over time

02:36AM EDT - Even low energy devices

02:35AM EDT - Multiple devices charging on the same table

02:34AM EDT - Partnering with Foxconn and Targus

02:33AM EDT - Wireless charging coming to companies

02:33AM EDT - Encouraging convergence

02:32AM EDT - Announcing PMA and Wireless Alliance has officially merged

02:31AM EDT - Rezence

02:31AM EDT - Wireless charging is to use magnetic resonance standard

02:31AM EDT - we've seen WiGig before, but it works really within 10ft

02:31AM EDT - On docking, integrated WiGig enabling 1 Gbps+

02:30AM EDT - For Display, Intel has WiDi based on miracast

02:30AM EDT - That's a ball of cables

02:29AM EDT - 'No Wires' - Charging, display, docking, data

02:28AM EDT - Using TrueKey, people can log in to other systems, like banking or websites

02:28AM EDT - That's quite good

02:28AM EDT - Trying to beat the system with a picture

02:27AM EDT - Unlocked Windows 10 in under a second

02:27AM EDT - 6th gen software dev kit on stage

02:27AM EDT - Log in to Windows 10 with multi-factor authentification

02:26AM EDT - including Windows Hello

02:26AM EDT - Now to No Passwords

02:26AM EDT - become a dog or ogre for chat

02:25AM EDT - Manipulate avatars

02:24AM EDT - or using for avatars in gaming

02:24AM EDT - making 3D figures of people

02:24AM EDT - using it to make a 3D model

02:24AM EDT - 'Real World Facing' realsense camera in a tablet

02:24AM EDT - Demos

02:23AM EDT - Drone module with 6 realsense cameras

02:22AM EDT - Robot retail assistants using sensing

02:21AM EDT - It started in the PC but now in small form factors

02:21AM EDT - 3d capture, share, augmented reality

02:21AM EDT - gesture control, secure facial login

02:21AM EDT - "Give computers sight with RealSense"

02:20AM EDT - Wireless docking and charging

02:19AM EDT - Using RealSense with a 2-in-1 to interact with an architect

02:19AM EDT - These videos are always conceptual, time to put into practice

02:18AM EDT - Video to explain concepts we've seen before. Part of Intel Turn Key plus getting devices to work together

02:18AM EDT - Removing passwords and wires from computing

02:18AM EDT - Moving from keyboards and mice

02:17AM EDT - New User Experiences now

02:17AM EDT - designed through Intel Edison and 3D printing

02:17AM EDT - Dress uses sensors to expand when people are too close

02:16AM EDT - The Spider Dress

02:16AM EDT - Now showing off smart clothes

02:15AM EDT - 'High perf, low power reference solutions' for bracelets and others

02:15AM EDT - Now Wearables

02:15AM EDT - 'Highest degree of interoperability'

02:15AM EDT - A royalty free model

02:15AM EDT - Intel is a Diamond member of the Open Interconnect consortium

02:14AM EDT - This is a reference design, but can prioritise streams for video etc

02:13AM EDT - Also Home Gateway

02:13AM EDT - Scaling up to Core

02:13AM EDT - Adding Ubuntu

02:13AM EDT - Announcing IoT Gateway with Core processors

02:12AM EDT - Includes virus protection at every stage

02:12AM EDT - Cyclist on stage

02:12AM EDT - Intel IoT Gateway System

02:11AM EDT - Real-time data analytics

02:11AM EDT - Done in conjuction with Advantech

02:11AM EDT - 'Computing Power has helped a lot'

02:11AM EDT - Xeon in the backend cloud system, Atom at the stations

02:11AM EDT - Offers real time monitoring of stock and quality

02:10AM EDT - 100,000 uses per day

02:10AM EDT - Operating in 4 cities, 430 stations. End of year, 700 stations

02:10AM EDT - here in taipei

02:10AM EDT - Smart bikes

02:09AM EDT - expecting 40000 Exabytes by 2020

02:09AM EDT - 245 Exabytes of data on the Internet in 2010

02:08AM EDT - Now about data

02:08AM EDT - Get tweets on your mug

02:08AM EDT - Smart mug

02:08AM EDT - Detects air quality and charged wirelessly

02:08AM EDT - A smart vase...

02:07AM EDT - Here's a smart home!

02:07AM EDT - Everything that Compute Connects (that's an Aicha Evans line)

02:07AM EDT - 50 billion devices by 2020

02:06AM EDT - Making three predictions for the future

02:06AM EDT - 'We used to talk about 33 MHz processors'

02:06AM EDT - Comparing the concept of processor development to buying houses like candy

02:04AM EDT - 50th anniversary of Moore's Law

02:04AM EDT - Going to talk about Innovation

02:04AM EDT - Kirk Skaugen coming to the stage. He's the VP of of the Client Computing Group

02:03AM EDT - concepts like a mousemat acting as a display. Hmm yeah

02:03AM EDT - Intel video about IoT

02:00AM EDT - Intel has been the sponsor for this 'e21 Forum' for 16 years

01:58AM EDT - Never forget about verticals - health, education, infrastructure, military

01:57AM EDT - One of the IoT verticals is health

01:57AM EDT - Talking about MND and connected wheelchairs

01:55AM EDT - 'The show that IT professionals must attend'

01:54AM EDT - 'Bringing ideas to masterpieces'

01:53AM EDT - 35th year of Computex

01:53AM EDT - Taitra organise Computex

01:53AM EDT - President of Taitra, Peter Huang on stage

01:49AM EDT - I'm currently sitting next to MobileGeeks. Sascha Pallenberg points out that this year they don't have anything on predisplay but there's a safety curtain covering it all.

01:48AM EDT - now we get a beatboxer on stage

01:47AM EDT - Last year at the keynote, Lisa Graff announced Devil's Canyon and spoke about SoFIA which became Atom x3 : http://anandtech.com/show/8117/intel-keynote-at-computex-2014-14nm-corem-sofia-devils-canyon-dc-p3700-and-realsense

01:45AM EDT - Filmed in realsense

01:44AM EDT - some music

01:44AM EDT - We're 15 minutes from start

01:44AM EDT - Last year the WiFi was bad, so we're relying on a weak 4G signal to get by :) Working well so far

01:43AM EDT - We're here at Intel's Keynote, waiting for Kirk Skaugen to announce some new things.

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  • at80eighty - Tuesday, June 2, 2015 - link

    You'd think a showcase of IoT talking of 50B devices and 4000 exabytes of date by 2020, would have better wifi
  • at80eighty - Tuesday, June 2, 2015 - link

  • merikafyeah - Tuesday, June 2, 2015 - link

    The two things that interested me most:

    1. USB Type-C, built in 10 GbE
    With so many things compatible with Type-C, USB may finally realize the dream HDBaseT was trying to achieve: Everything in one cable (minus the ability for long cable runs, nothing else comes close to HDBaseT's 100m cable runs so unfortunately you still can't wire your home with USB instead of ethernet). Still I'm really looking forward to affordable 10GbE USB Type-C switches. I'm tired of my home network being bottlenecked at 125 MB/s when SSDs can push more than 500 MB/s.

    2. Bringing Xbox titles to PC
    This is intriguing. If this works out the way I hope it does it could dominate all other consoles.
  • ZeDestructor - Tuesday, June 2, 2015 - link

    1. Looks like more alternate modes than anything to me. Not that I particularly mind tbh. Hopefully switches start dropping to around the $20-$30 per port compared to the $100+ per port we currently have.

    2. Interesting.... Wonder what MS has to say about that, cause i quite enjoy the odd romp of Forza...
  • nathanddrews - Tuesday, June 2, 2015 - link

    #2, Yes, please elaborate.
    "02:51AM EDT - Bringing Xbox titles to PC" So vague. Are we talking about the Xbone streaming option in W10? Or actual ports of Xbox games to the PC platform?
  • jrs77 - Tuesday, June 2, 2015 - link

    Allthough Broadwell clearly isn't their priority I still would've expected a little more fuss about it.

    When will you do a full review on the i7-5775C?
  • Cellar Door - Tuesday, June 2, 2015 - link

    Toms hardware already has one.
  • Ian Cutress - Tuesday, June 2, 2015 - link

    It's on the front page now :)
  • satai - Tuesday, June 2, 2015 - link

    Any details on E3-12xx v4 SKUs?
  • nils_ - Tuesday, June 2, 2015 - link

    For example, does it come with TSX?

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