02:50AM EDT - That's a wrap, time for demos

02:49AM EDT - ZenPad S 8.0 has USB 3.0 Type-C

02:49AM EDT - which I think does mean it's the Rockchip one

02:49AM EDT - The Atom x3 is 3200

02:49AM EDT - Specs

02:49AM EDT - Specs

02:48AM EDT - Also comes with ZenUI

02:48AM EDT - 1.2mm tip

02:48AM EDT - 150hrs battery on the stylus

02:48AM EDT - Z-stylus

02:47AM EDT - Power case with 15hrs of expanded battery life

02:47AM EDT - Zen Case for colors like normal cases

02:47AM EDT - such as the Zen Clutch

02:47AM EDT - Different covers for different things

02:46AM EDT - Now on to accessories

02:46AM EDT - photo-op of course

02:45AM EDT - Intel GM and ASUS CEO on to the stage

02:44AM EDT - Talking about heritage between the two companies, the Zenfone 2

02:43AM EDT - I thought I saw him earlier

02:43AM EDT - Now Kirk Skaugen from Intel on stage

02:43AM EDT - PowerVR 6430 in the ZenPad S

02:43AM EDT - comparing it to A53/A15-class

02:42AM EDT - benchmark numbers now, on the Z3580

02:42AM EDT - x3 is newer, but might be cheaper? From the RockChip agreement?

02:42AM EDT - so both 28nm Silvermont

02:41AM EDT - Flagship Zenpad S 8.0 with Intel Z3580

02:41AM EDT - Atom x3

02:41AM EDT - Integrated DTS HD audio

02:40AM EDT - you have to charge the cover?

02:40AM EDT - 6 hours of battery

02:40AM EDT - 6 speakers in a cover

02:40AM EDT - worlds first surround sound cover

02:40AM EDT - Audio Cover

02:40AM EDT - looks kind of like Darbee to me

02:40AM EDT - Tru2Life+ for video

02:39AM EDT - Intelligent Contrast mode

02:39AM EDT - Tru2Life Technology

02:39AM EDT - TV HDR

02:39AM EDT - Visual Master display technology

02:38AM EDT - Designed to be elegant and premium

02:38AM EDT - Smooth rounded edges

02:38AM EDT - 'fashional clutch design'

02:38AM EDT - customizable

02:38AM EDT - fashion inspired design

02:37AM EDT - New ZenPad series

02:37AM EDT - Jonney back on stage

02:35AM EDT - At least it's gender diverse. Good on ASUS

02:34AM EDT - no-one carries a tablet like that

02:34AM EDT - this is the way to market clothes. Don't see the point of it for technology

02:34AM EDT - it's turned into a catwalk

02:34AM EDT - models coming out holding ASUS tablets

02:33AM EDT - A video now

02:32AM EDT - Adreno 405

02:32AM EDT - That's Quad A53 at 1.7 and quad a53 at 1.0 GHz

02:31AM EDT - Snapdragon 615

02:31AM EDT - 4G LTE

02:30AM EDT - Full HD, 403 PPI, 400cd/m2

02:30AM EDT - on the rear camera: laser auto-focus, macro focus as close as 6cm

02:30AM EDT - also acts as a phone stand

02:29AM EDT - almost like a small selfie stick

02:29AM EDT - it's a swing out arm to make you take photos further away

02:29AM EDT - Selfie Swing...

02:29AM EDT - 400% increased light sensitivity

02:28AM EDT - Low light selfies

02:28AM EDT - HDR Selfies

02:27AM EDT - Real time beautification

02:27AM EDT - Zenmotion - just swipe S for selfies

02:26AM EDT - 13MP front and rear cameras

02:26AM EDT - to go with the hand

02:26AM EDT - slight curve in the back cover

02:26AM EDT - Inspired by Zen, brushed metal finish

02:25AM EDT - three additional colors for the Selfie - Sheep Pink, Aqua Blue and Pure White

02:25AM EDT - Here's the Zenfone Selfie

02:24AM EDT - (It's actually pretty dark in here, with lights on the audience too)

02:23AM EDT - Now Zenfone

02:22AM EDT - ultra narrow bezel design

02:22AM EDT - 32-inch, as the name suggests

02:22AM EDT - Precalibrated out of box

02:21AM EDT - 4K

02:21AM EDT - DeltaE < 2

02:21AM EDT - 100% Adobe RGB

02:21AM EDT - PA329Q on show now

02:21AM EDT - "Talk about the ideas of 'more' and 'personal'"

02:19AM EDT - Jen Chuang now up on stage, ASUS Design Center Director

02:18AM EDT - 6 speakers, 16 watt output

02:18AM EDT - two array microphones

02:18AM EDT - Voice recognition for Cortana

02:18AM EDT - Intel Realsense 3D camera

02:18AM EDT - Worlds first USB 3.1 Type-C

02:17AM EDT - they didn't say the CPU number

02:17AM EDT - So what is that, Haswell-E or something else?

02:17AM EDT - 32GB DDR4-2133

02:16AM EDT - PCIe 3.0 x4 SSD

02:16AM EDT - i7 quad core + GTX 960M

02:16AM EDT - edge-to-edge display

02:16AM EDT - ASUS Zen All-in-one

02:16AM EDT - Talking about Zen and Zensation

02:15AM EDT - A million people rushed the front to take photos

02:15AM EDT - Jonney Shih on stage

02:13AM EDT - here we go

02:12AM EDT - I might have to switch to my phone mid-way through due to battery issues

02:11AM EDT - Still nothing yet, but most people are actually seated now

02:06AM EDT - ProArt PA329Q: http://anandtech.com/show/9313/asus-unveils-the-proart-pa329q-uhd-monitor

02:06AM EDT - Two new tablets: http://anandtech.com/show/9304/asus-announces-two-new-zenpad-tablets

02:05AM EDT - ASUS Zenfone Selfie: http://anandtech.com/show/9312/asus-announces-the-zenfone-selfie-at-computex

02:05AM EDT - All our press release NDAs just went up

01:59AM EDT - We just heard over the tannoy a 10 minute call. Looks like it'll start a bit later than planned.

01:55AM EDT - They've got a main stage and a mesh in front of it, to provide pseudo 3D effects

01:55AM EDT - 5 to go, some upbeat music in the background

01:53AM EDT - Looks like a NUC, but the slide said Iris Pro 6th Gen

01:53AM EDT - There was also this more mini-PC

01:52AM EDT - It's a nice design for sure

01:51AM EDT - note it says 6th Gen Intel CPU

01:51AM EDT - VivoPC VC65

01:50AM EDT - A mini PC

01:50AM EDT - They had some interesting hardware shells outside the press room though

01:50AM EDT - We're expecting to see Jonney Shih take to the stage

01:48AM EDT - I think I see Kirk Skaugen from Intel, he's doing the Intel Keynote tomorrow

01:47AM EDT - Lots of reserved seating for VIPs

01:47AM EDT - So 13 minutes to go

01:47AM EDT - I'm sitting at ASUS' annual press conference here in Taipei. We're set to start at 2pm UTC +8, stay tuned for the latest.

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  • FlanK3r - Monday, June 1, 2015 - link

    hi friend, Im sitting here too :)
  • Visual - Monday, June 1, 2015 - link

    The mac mini in PC form, at last. And it took only what, a decade?
    And what's with the tablets, why the flagship uses an older CPU?
  • meacupla - Thursday, June 11, 2015 - link

    mac mini in PC forms have existed since late 2005, but didn't really start until 2007, when more manufacturers bought into the idea. Most were in the form of Nettops.

    I think ultra compact PCs really kicked off after intel released its NUC series and SSDs became cheaper. Now you don't have issues with 'crippled' compact computers.
  • dealcorn - Monday, June 1, 2015 - link

    The picture illustrating that Atom Z7580, an X3 formerly known as SoFIA, has 53% to 93% better performance than A15 class quad core is unexpected. I look forward to independent testing.
  • dealcorn - Monday, June 1, 2015 - link

    Oops, should say Z3850 not Z7580.
  • PeggyBellamy - Friday, August 5, 2016 - link

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