11:42PM EST - We're out

11:41PM EST - One last video: TRON: Legacy parody

11:41PM EST - That's a wrap. Look for formal press releases soon

11:39PM EST - SHIELD Console: 4K-capable Android TV device, high performance SoC for Android gaming, and GRID for streaming PC games

11:38PM EST - Wrap up time

11:36PM EST - Now running UE4 Infiltrator demo via GRID

11:35PM EST - Jen-Hsun mentions that since Unreal Engine 4 is now free, PhysX is similarly free since it comes with UE4

11:33PM EST - Side note: it looks like NVIDIA has a new revision of the SHIELD Controller; the D-Pad is different

11:32PM EST - Discussing how there's more GPU performance available in the cloud (i.e. the PC) than the Xbox One

11:31PM EST - NVIDIA thinks game streaming will be the next revolution

11:30PM EST - A difference of 17 years

11:30PM EST - NES: 1983. PS2: 2000

11:30PM EST - Jen-Hsun talking about the history of consoles

11:28PM EST - 50+ launch titles on GRID. 100 by the end of the year

11:25PM EST - The Witcher III running via GRID

11:23PM EST - Now on deck: Damien Mnnnier of CD Projekt Red

11:23PM EST - Metal Gear Rising Revengences will be coming to SHIELD

11:21PM EST - Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeros running via GRID

11:19PM EST - Now on deck: Keichiro Imaizumi of Konami

11:19PM EST - Resident Evil 5 getting an Android port

11:17PM EST - Considerable audio/video desync in this demo

11:16PM EST - Demoing Resident Evil Revelations 2 over GRID, a free-to-play game

11:16PM EST - NVDIA still needs publihers to sign on to GRID, hence the publisher showcase

11:14PM EST - Now on deck: Michiteru Okabe of Capcom

11:14PM EST - NVIDIA's benefit here is that they can offer almost anything that runs on Steam and support the Xbox 360 controller

11:12PM EST - Current SHIELD owners should be familiar with the current selection of free GRID games

11:11PM EST - Looks like the built-in benchmark (or at least the track)

11:09PM EST - Now demoing GRID2 over GRID

11:08PM EST - Coming in May

11:08PM EST - NVIDIA will also sell individual games

11:07PM EST - The higher tier gets more free games

11:07PM EST - Two stores; basic subscription and premium subscription

11:06PM EST - Discussing how only NVIDIA could do this due to making the server GPUs and client SoCs

11:04PM EST - Amazon AWS powered

11:04PM EST - Have to trim latency as low as possible

11:03PM EST - Now discussing NVIDIA's development process for GRID

11:01PM EST - NVIDIA has had long-term ambitions for game streaming. Those plans went sideways whn early partner Gaikai was purchased by Sony for Playstation Now

11:01PM EST - Can steam up to 1080p60

11:00PM EST - GRID is becoming an official service

11:00PM EST - Yep, it's GRID

11:00PM EST - Jen-Hsun is now talking about streaming

10:59PM EST - Final announcement time

10:59PM EST - Still trying to find out about the OS, but it sounds like an up to date version of Android TV

10:58PM EST - Game controller included

10:58PM EST - Price: $199

10:57PM EST - A large number of PC/360 ports

10:56PM EST - "50+ Android launch titles"

10:56PM EST - Crysis 3

10:54PM EST - Cryengne 3 running on Tegra X1 at 30fps

10:53PM EST - Now on stage: Cevat Yerli of Crytek

10:52PM EST - Note that we still need a GTX 970 to run Crysis: Warhead at 1080p with everything turned up and 4x SSAA

10:52PM EST - "Can it run Crysis?"

10:51PM EST - Looks to be running well. A 60fps target gives them a lot of room to work in

10:50PM EST - Doom will run at 60fps

10:50PM EST - Side observation: each generation of NVIDIA products gets bigger. Tegra 4 SHELD Portable, Tegra K1 in the 7" Shield Tablet, and Tegra X1 in the SHIELD console

10:49PM EST - Doom 3 BFG will run on the microconsole

10:47PM EST - Now on deck: Tim Willits of id Software

10:45PM EST - The Talos Prnciple is being ported to the microconsole as well

10:45PM EST - Now on deck: Alen Ladavac of Croteam

10:44PM EST - Borderlands on an SoC-class platform is ambitious. Sony tried it with Borderlands 2 on the Vita, to mixed results due to performance issues

10:43PM EST - TPS demo. We're told it's running at 30fps, however it feels like it's struggling

10:43PM EST - NVIDIA has the source code, and it sounds like they did a lot of the heavy lifting

10:42PM EST - Gearbx is going to do a Borderlands: TPS port for NVIDIA

10:41PM EST - Now on deck: Randy Ptchford of Gearbox

10:41PM EST - Looks very similar in functionality to the current NVIDIA game software on SHIELD Tablet

10:40PM EST - Back to software, taking about the SHIELD Store

10:39PM EST - The console will of course use the SHIELD controller, first introduced alongside the SHIELD tablet

10:39PM EST - Now talking about internals and construction

10:38PM EST - A 360 comparison makes sense given the performance, though at the same time game development for those last-gen consoles is winding down

10:36PM EST - 360 turns 10 years old this year, BTW

10:36PM EST - Xbox 360 comparisons

10:36PM EST - Notably absent: Tegra 3 powered Ouya

10:35PM EST - Though none of them were designed for intense local rendering

10:35PM EST - Vastly more powerful than other smart TV devices

10:34PM EST - Tegra X1 confirmed

10:34PM EST - Do for gaming what Netflix did for videos

10:34PM EST - How to expand the reach of gaming?

10:33PM EST - Now it's time to talk about gaming

10:32PM EST - It's rechargable via USB

10:32PM EST - Overheard in the front of the crowd "What?!"

10:32PM EST - "You don't ever have to replace the batteries"

10:30PM EST - It's also a Bluetooth receiver for headphones

10:30PM EST - Betting heavily on voice search. The remote is vey simple with only a couple of buttons and a microphone

10:30PM EST - Almost certainly a Tegra X1 then

10:29PM EST - Now demoing 4Kp60 decode capabilities

10:29PM EST - Which I suspect is where GRID will come in

10:28PM EST - Of course it's one thing to leverage Android for media, but for gaming that's another matter

10:28PM EST - It isn't quite perfect yet...

10:28PM EST - Now showcasing Google Play Store voice recognition

10:26PM EST - Curretly showing off Android software and features

10:25PM EST - Just like the previous SHIELD devices, NVIDIA is leveraging Android and their own hardware to tap into the Android ecosystem and build off of that

10:24PM EST - NVIDIA didn't get in any of the current gen consoles, so NVIDIA seems to be going it on their own

10:23PM EST - Despite TV being mentioned, to be clear this is not an actual NVIDIA television

10:22PM EST - "World's first Android TV Console"

10:21PM EST - Very thin, but in terms of total volume it seems to be a decent size

10:20PM EST - And there's the microconsole

10:19PM EST - The NVIDIA SHIELD living room entertainment device

10:18PM EST - "Likely a multi-billion unit market"

10:18PM EST - Apps make for unlimited possibilities

10:16PM EST - The TV? The portal to those services

10:16PM EST - Jen-Hsun is very gung-ho on remote/cloud computing

10:15PM EST - Not to mention tablets on TVs via Chromecast and similar techs

10:15PM EST - Now getting int discusions of TVs and consoles

10:15PM EST - "The Modern Living Room"

10:14PM EST - Continued recap of NVIDIA's latest market entries

10:12PM EST - And NVIDIA's history of breaking into new markets

10:12PM EST - A brief history of GPU development

10:11PM EST - TV? Did not see that coming (edit: and indeed it did not. "TV" was in reference to the device being an Android TV set-top box)

10:11PM EST - 3 announcements: TV, game console, and a supercomputer

10:10PM EST - "Working towards this day for many years"

10:10PM EST - Now on stage, Jen-Hsun

10:10PM EST - Final slide note: walking up Nob Hill in San Francisco looks like a much better idea than it actually is when you're at the bottom

10:08PM EST - Should begin in a moment

10:07PM EST - Side note: I have to admit whatever projection system NVIDIA is using for projecting on a black surface looks really good. Very Tron-ish

10:05PM EST - NVIDIA has always been aggressive in the gaming market, a bet that has worked out well for them in the past

10:04PM EST - But dGPUs alone do well enough to keep the whole company well in the black

10:04PM EST - Tegra sales, not so much...

10:04PM EST - dGPU sales have been booming in consumer, pro, and compute

10:03PM EST - NVIDIA overall is having a great year

10:02PM EST - Looks like it'll start just a bit late. 5 minutes from now

09:57PM EST - Our bets: GRID becomes a paid service, VR, and microconsoles

09:56PM EST - What we'll be seeing tonight will be gaming related ad is said to have taken NVIDIA 5 years, but beyond that we don't know what to expect

09:56PM EST - Being held in the Nob Hill Masonic Center, NVIDIA has recented out a fairly large venue

09:55PM EST - We're here at NVDIA's GDC 2015 press event

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  • jjj - Tuesday, March 3, 2015 - link

    Not gonna be glasses but it would be nice, not a chromebook with access to the game streaming service but that would be ok , not a discrete GPU for Ara although that would be something they should try , not a GRIDcast stick since it would not be a big enough deal.
    So what is it to deserve the fuss?
  • tviceman - Tuesday, March 3, 2015 - link

    I'm thinking it'll be a Android-based console that can stream PC games with low latency AND get full Grid support (with or without subscription services attached to Grid).

    If it's not that, then it has to be VR.
  • tviceman - Tuesday, March 3, 2015 - link

    And by stream PC games, I mean local streaming.
  • jjj - Tuesday, March 3, 2015 - link

    I am assuming the 3 devices (TV , console, spercomputer) are in fact just 1
  • ol1bit - Tuesday, March 3, 2015 - link

    Hmm, don't need a new TV, already have my HTPC with a 650 hooked up to my 3D Panasonic Plasma...that worked with 3D games with the 650!
  • Jukens - Tuesday, March 3, 2015 - link

    This is really hard to watch....
  • ol1bit - Tuesday, March 3, 2015 - link

    "ever" have to replace... LOL
  • Jukens - Tuesday, March 3, 2015 - link

    Really....a crappy looking game at barely 30fps.
  • Jukens - Tuesday, March 3, 2015 - link

    "The pixel quality is exactly the same"
  • Jukens - Tuesday, March 3, 2015 - link

    Live stream isn't as bad if you mute it

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