Appearance, Cables, and Connectors

The robust and 160mm deep case has a gray surface and a common fan grille; the fan itself is white. Next to the power input you can find a NZXT logo, as well as on the side of the unit. The ventilation holes are comparatively small and honeycombed. On the front the modular connector panel protrudes slightly, with labels indicating which modular connector fits into each socket. The sleeving for the fixed cables is well made but not opaque, while the modular connectors use flat cables.

Cables and Connectors


Main 24-pin (50cm) fixed
ATX12V/EPS12V 4+4-pin (70cm), 8-pin 55cm all fixed
PCIe 2x 6/8-pin (50, 60cm) fixed, 2x 6/8-pin (50, 60cm) modular
Peripheral 3x SATA (ca. 55, 70, 85cm), 3x SATA (ca. 55, 70, 85cm), 3x SATA (750W only, ca. 55, 70, 85cm) all modular
3x HDD (ca. 55, 70, 85cm), 3x HDD (ca. 55, 70, 85cm) all modular

The 24-pin cable is relatively short with 50cm. The long CPU cable is very good, particularly for cases where the PSU is mounted on the bottom. The 24-pin, two CPU, and one 6/8-pin PEG cable are fixed. In contrast to the 650W version, the 750W has a third SATA cable with three additional connectors. With six (or nine) SATA and six molex connectors, the two power supplies are exceptionally well equipped. Note that there is no FDD connector, but this shouldn't be a problem for most systems. If you do need such a connector, you can either buy an inexpensive adapter or simply shop elsewhere; it would be nice if NZXT included the adapter in the packaging, though, "just in case".

NZXT Hale82 650W and 750W Internal Design and Components
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  • Beenthere - Thursday, January 26, 2012 - link

    ...then details like cabling, warranty, customer support should be considered IMO.
  • Alecthar - Thursday, January 26, 2012 - link

    Agreed, though Corsair always loses out (for me at least) on their 650W TX models because they only allow for 2 PCI-E connectors (without adapters). It feels very much like a transparent move to force you up a tier to the 750W supply, or to a more expensive HX unit. It's all the more irritating given that XFX sells a nearly identical supply (same ODM, Seasonic, on the same platform from Seasonic) with the full 4 PCI-E connectors.

    As for being price competitive, given that the NZXT supplies are partially modular, they're more comparable to the TX series "M" semi-modular units, which are priced at a premium. The HALE82 is priced identically to the TX650M, and has a superior cable set, due to the inclusion of 2 more PCI-E connectors. I'd say that on the 650W model, NZXT has one of the more compelling "budget friendly" sem-modular options.
  • nubnubbins - Friday, January 27, 2012 - link

    Exactly. While the Corsair TX V2, Hale82, and Seasonic M12II SS are all the same platform, they have different feature sets. The fact that the Hale82 is modular is a huge difference for many builders and many are willing to pay a premium for the easier cable management and cleaner look it provides..

    The other modular competitors (in terms of quality) at 650w are the Seasonic M12II SS, Enermax Modu82+, Corsair TX-M, and Corsair HX.and the Seasonic M12II SS, Enermax NAXN 82+, and Corsair TX-M at 750w. When you look at the field, the Hale82 comes in cheaper than all of them. To me, that makes it a clear winner.
  • ssj3gohan - Friday, January 27, 2012 - link

    This is like nails on a chalkboard to anyone doing anything with electronics:

    "Given the higher amperage of the A70GL model, this fan might reach higher speeds, e.g. 3000+ RPM."

    It's 'current rating', not 'amperage'.
  • prophet001 - Friday, January 27, 2012 - link

    Not to be a schmuck


    amperage [ˈæmpərɪdʒ]
    (Physics / General Physics) the magnitude of an electric current measured in amperes, esp the rated current of an electrical component or device

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