When Samsung launched its 990 Pro family of SSDs for retail market last year, it only introduced 1 TB and 2 TB models, surprisingly omitting premium high-capacity 4 TB version. Now, the company is about to correct this wrong by launching 4 TB version this fall, the world's largest SSD supplier revealed in an X post.

"You wanted it so badly, we had no choice but to deliver," the company's post reads. "The 4TB 990 PRO by #SamsungSSD is coming. Same blazing-fast storage with double the max capacity for gaming, video, 3D editing, and more. Stay tuned for more details."

From performance point of view, Samsung's 990 Pro 4 TB drive offer an up to 7,450 MB/s sequential read speed and an up to 6,900 MB/s sequential write speed, which is in line with what 1 TB and 2 TB models offer. As for random operations, the SSD achieves 1,400,000 IOPS for reads and 1,550,000 IOPS for writes, which is comparable to the performance of other flagship SSDs.

Since Samsung's 990 Pro is a family of SSDs with a PCIe 4.0 x4 interface, the 4 TB drive may not attract attention of owners of shiny new systems based on AMD Ryzen 7000-series or Intel Core 12000 and 13000-series processors. However, there are loads of PCs with M.2 slots featuring a PCIe 4.0 interface just waiting for an upgrade and 4 TB SSD makes a lot of sense these days given low prices of 3D TLC NAND.

According to Samsung's spec sheets, the company intends to offer two versions of 990 Pro 4 TB SSDs: one with a simplistic graphene heat spreader to maximize compatibility with laptops, another with a larger aluminum heatsink to ensure consistent performance under high loads.

Samsung has not formally disclosed MSRP of its Samsung 990 Pro 4 TB SSD, though expect it to be priced in line with market realities. The drive is covered with a five-year limited warranty with an endurance rating of 2400 terabytes written (TBW).

Source: Samsung

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  • ewitte - Sunday, August 27, 2023 - link

    That would be ridiculous you can get 7.68TB drives for under $600 and I've seen the WD equivalent at about $264 one time.
  • ewitte - Sunday, August 27, 2023 - link

    My 7.68TB drive is a gen4 Samsung drive that was new and around 550. For WD it is the 4TB SN850X I saw at Microcenter. Although it isn't currently on sale there...
  • Hifihedgehog - Wednesday, August 30, 2023 - link

    "No one will ever need more than 4TB of solid state storage" -Bill Gates as a keynote speaker for Samsung, probably
  • Tom Sunday - Sunday, September 3, 2023 - link

    It’s a welcome 4TB addition for me. I would love to own one of these as strictly a back-up NVMe. My MB today is virtually overloaded with storage. More specifically…a dedicated OS drive, a Steam Gaming drive, a favorite XXX drive, a photo collection drive, a WFH drive, a VPN movie collection torrent drive and a everyday ‘go to drive’ for garbage downloads and internet screw-arounds. And I do not like the CLOUD and parking my information on someone else’s computer/server!
  • FunBunny2 - Monday, September 4, 2023 - link

    And I do not like the CLOUD and parking my information on someone else’s computer/server!

    ah!! too bad 99.99% of CIOs consider IT not a 'core competence' (in this day and age. OMG!) and are happy to get the tax write-off of Cloud Service as a direct expense.

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