10:25AM EDT - Hello everybody this is Andrei live from OnePlus' launch event in London. The event starts in 30 minutes at 4PM local time.

10:26AM EDT - The venue is I think OnePlus' largest to date - I would guess well over a thousand seats here. This is a big launch for the company and we'll get to see some interesting new products.

10:28AM EDT - For the time being the Wi-Fi is holding strong - let's hope it remains the same during the presentation.

10:33AM EDT - I saw Cristiano Amon around the stage - we're expecting Qualcomm to talk about the new SoC in the OnePlus 7.

10:50AM EDT - 10 minutes to go!

11:00AM EDT - Event is starting.

11:01AM EDT - Pete Lau taking the stage.

11:01AM EDT - Pete's first time on stage in Europe.

11:01AM EDT - "Truly historic moment for OnePlus"

11:02AM EDT - Simultaneous events in New York and Bangalore alongside London.

11:02AM EDT - Top 5 smartphone vendor.

11:03AM EDT - OnePlus has a flagship only product lineup.

11:03AM EDT - 2015 - First European event in Paris.

11:04AM EDT - Brought only 20 phones to sell but hundreds of people showed up - incredible community in Europe.

11:04AM EDT - Opened up a lot of offices in Europe alongside a headquarter in London.

11:05AM EDT - Today OP has established a partnership with 20 e-tail partners in Europe.

11:05AM EDT - A big thanks to Cristiano from Qualcomm.

11:07AM EDT - "The most important product we have ever made"

11:07AM EDT - OnePlus 7 Pro - closest to a perfect product ever made.

11:07AM EDT - A new benchmark for the industry.

11:08AM EDT - The good thing about OP is that Pete is coming from an engineering background - so you know the product is always focused first.

11:09AM EDT - Product and end-user - nothing else.

11:09AM EDT - Intro video with the new OnePlus 7 Pro.

11:10AM EDT - "Took us years to deliver a product as complete as the OP7Pro"

11:11AM EDT - Starting with the design - water resistance is advertised.

11:11AM EDT - Curved front and back glass.

11:11AM EDT - Ultra-slim profile.

11:12AM EDT - Almond, Nebula Blue and Mirror Grey colours.

11:12AM EDT - Nebula Blue has a etched glass finish which is matte.

11:13AM EDT - Border-less design with no notch or bezels.

11:13AM EDT - "The best display you'll find on any smartphone"

11:13AM EDT - "Most seamless Android experience"

11:14AM EDT - Since 2017 OP has been trying to develop the best display ever.

11:14AM EDT - 93% screen-to-body ratio, 1440p, 90Hz, HDR10+

11:15AM EDT - OnePlus' first 1440p phone display, switching over from 1080p.

11:15AM EDT - Fantastic colour accuracy is reported - tested by DisplayMate as exceptional characteristics.

11:16AM EDT - "A huge step forward in defining smoothness" - 90Hz 1440p screen.

11:17AM EDT - It will be interesting how OnePlus implements this in hardware - 1440p60 is a hardware limitaiton of a single MIPI interface.

11:17AM EDT - OnePlus should have also improved touch latency with the new display.

11:17AM EDT - "The best display on the market"

11:17AM EDT - HDR10 and HDR10+ content support.

11:18AM EDT - New night mode to reduce blue light in evening times.

11:19AM EDT - Edge-lighting notifications.

11:19AM EDT - 0.21s unlock time.

11:19AM EDT - World's fastest screen unlock.

11:20AM EDT - Triple camera system.

11:21AM EDT - 48MP 1/2" IMX586 Camera sensor

11:21AM EDT - Quad-bayer filter arrangement with effective 1.6µm pixels at 12MP mode.

11:22AM EDT - 7-element plastic lens - quite surprised at the plastic part.

11:22AM EDT - f/1.6 aperture.

11:22AM EDT - 8MP 3x telephoto module with f/2.4

11:23AM EDT - 16MP 117° field of view wide angle lens.

11:24AM EDT - Three modes of focus.

11:24AM EDT - New Ultra-shot algorithm.

11:25AM EDT - New Nightscape mode for low-light photography.

11:25AM EDT - 111 points in DXOMark for the OP7Pro.

11:27AM EDT - Testmondials from a National Geographic photographer.

11:28AM EDT - These pictures seem a bit underwhelming - quite terrible noise reduction?

11:30AM EDT - The venue has quite the high resolution presentation screen - I hope the noise doesn't actually show up in actual captures.

11:31AM EDT - 16MP front camera.

11:31AM EDT - Pop-up camera. Tested up to 300000 times.

11:32AM EDT - Same as opening it 150 times every day for 5.5 years.

11:32AM EDT - The phone detects when it's in free-fall and retracts the camera.

11:34AM EDT - Snapdragon 855 SoC - Big shoutout from Cristiano here.

11:34AM EDT - Qualcomm's biggest partner in Europe with the Snapdragon 855 series.

11:35AM EDT - Up to 12GB of RAM configurable.

11:35AM EDT - RAM-boost preloads most frequently used apps and games.

11:36AM EDT - World's first commercially available smartphone with UFS 3.0

11:36AM EDT - 79% faster storage speeds.

11:36AM EDT - Heatpipe system to increase SoC dissipation.

11:37AM EDT - 4000mAh battery.

11:37AM EDT - Warp-charge 30W charging.

11:37AM EDT - 48% in 20 minutes.

11:38AM EDT - Charging faster than the competition while using the phone extensively.

11:39AM EDT - Finally we're seeing dual stereo speakers. With Dolby Atmos support.

11:39AM EDT - New haptic vibration motor included.

11:40AM EDT - Switching over to the software side.

11:40AM EDT - "Refined stock Android experience"

11:41AM EDT - Vendor with most OS updates next to Google.

11:42AM EDT - Android Q Beta for the OnePlus 7 Pro.

11:42AM EDT - 90Hz app support? Why would apps need extra support?

11:42AM EDT - Next-up - Gaming mode.

11:43AM EDT - OnePlus partnered with Fnatic to improve Gaming Mode;

11:44AM EDT - "Pursuit to create the best gaming experience"

11:44AM EDT - Zen Mode?

11:45AM EDT - Enabling Zen mode disables everything besides emergency calls and the camera.

11:45AM EDT - Google Lens is integrated since the OP6.

11:46AM EDT - One-tap search what you see.

11:46AM EDT - That's a wrap for the OnePlus 7 Pro.

11:48AM EDT - 5G is the next topic?

11:49AM EDT - Next 5-10 years will revamp the mobile experience.

11:50AM EDT - OnePlus showcased a 5G prototype device at MWC.

11:50AM EDT - Looks like we'll see a 5G smartphone?

11:50AM EDT - OnePlus Pro 5G!

11:51AM EDT - OnePlus + EE + Qualcomm

11:53AM EDT - Powered by the X50 modem from Qualcomm

11:54AM EDT - The X50 doesn't support European mmWave bands - always interesting to see product launched nevertheless.

11:55AM EDT - In Europe most 5G deployment will be heavy usage of sub-6GHz bands. The US isn't as harmonised and oesn't have sufficient available spectrum in sub-6 for the first few years.

11:56AM EDT - Hence Verizon's first deployments are mmWave only.

11:59AM EDT - "We've challenged ourselves to keep the same design as the OP7Pro"

11:59AM EDT - "Space inside a smartphone is very limited"

12:00PM EDT - Stacked PCB design was adopted on the OP7Pro5G

12:00PM EDT - (Sandwiched PCB I like to call it)

12:00PM EDT - OnePlus' own antenna.

12:01PM EDT - Reduced NFC antenna by 50%

12:01PM EDT - Partnered with EE. EE taking the stage.

12:03PM EDT - EE will be switching on 5G soon this year.

12:05PM EDT - Avoiding to mention any specific date on the EE 5G launch.

12:07PM EDT - Wrap up for the OnePlus 7 Pro & 5G - but we're not done yet.

12:08PM EDT - Launching the regular OnePlus 7

12:09PM EDT - Our announcement articles are up: https://www.anandtech.com/show/14321/oneplus-announces-the-oneplus-7-oneplus-7-pro-upping-the-ante

12:09PM EDT - Same main sensor, but with an f/1.7 aperture lens.

12:10PM EDT - Same stereo speakers as on the Pro.

12:11PM EDT - Still no pricing! Eagerly awaiting confirmation on that.

12:12PM EDT - OnePlus Bullets Wireless

12:13PM EDT - Second generation Bullets Wireless.

12:13PM EDT - "True flagship sound quality"

12:13PM EDT - Triple-driver setup.

12:14PM EDT - One 10mm dynamic driver and two armature drivers for higher frequencies.

12:14PM EDT - Bluetooth 5.0 support.

12:15PM EDT - 10 minutes charge for 10 hours listening.

12:15PM EDT - Quick pairing with OnePlus devices.

12:16PM EDT - £99 available May 21st.

12:16PM EDT - Pricing!!

12:19PM EDT - 649 / 699 / 799 for the OnePlus 7 Pro - 499 / 549 for the OnePlus 7.

12:19PM EDT - That's in GBP.

12:24PM EDT - That's a wrap - thank you everybody for joining us.



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